Tax Forms and Checklists

Please consult the following checklists to include all of the required information for your 2021 personal income tax return.

New Client Information Sheet

2021 Personal Tax Checklist2021 US Personal Tax Checklist

Self-employed worksheet

Small business expense worksheet

Sale of principal residence

Rental property checklist

The following forms and booklets may also be downloaded if applicable. Filling in these forms and submitting them to our office can reduce the cost of your return.

T776 Statement of Real Estate RentalsT777 Statement of Employment ExpensesT2125 Statement of Business ActivitiesT2200 Declaration of Conditions of EmploymentT2201 Disability Tax Credit CertificateT4036 Rental IncomeT4044 Employment ExpensesTX19 Asking for a Clearance Certificate

If you have medical expenses for the 2021 tax year, you can request a list of all medications issued for the year from your pharmacy. Please speak to your pharmacist for more details.
If you have automobile or home expenses relating to your personal income tax return, you may download and complete the attached worksheets:

Automobile expensesHome expenses